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Evelyn Wolff | An Approximate Autobiography

Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot (Vol. 1) 

In Volume 1 of my memoir read about my: i) childhood -- making Dr. Twitch-A-Lot;

ii) my youth -- training Dr. Twitch-A-Lot through Pre-Meds and Medical School; 

and then iii) my transformation into an Artist which begins -- healing Dr. Twitch-A-Lot.


This story of deep wounding and subsequent healing bridges lifetimes. Evelyn is born into a long line of Dutch Barons, who through their greed to keep their land, marry their cousins, rarifying the genetics to produce genius and madness. Evelyn is gifted with both an excess of grey matter and a very sensitive physiology and nervous system.


The uprooting of her family through immigration to Canada, and the subsequent poverty, and loss further take their toll, though the family meets hardship with courage and creativity. The strain of failing health, learning problems, and gender complexities culminate in a near death experience. Surprisingly after nearly dying, Evelyn begins to recuperate.


Finishing high school, she proceeds directly into Pre-Meds and after mostly single-parenting a baby through Medical school, she graduates. Following her heart to be with a woman, results in the loss of her son. This heartbreak is multiplied after she begins to work as a physician, and realizes that the woman she loves does not want to live.


Evelyn invites you to follow her through a painful transformation, causing a spiritual opening that births the artist in her. This opening also leads her to remember past lives, that allow her to see the workings of cause and effect, while encouraging her to move forward revitalized into a whole new life.

Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot (Vol. 2) --- NEW RELEASE

The first book culminates in Evelyn Wolff’s transformation into an artist. Volume 2 opens with Evelyn passionately embarking on her apprenticeship in stained glass. As well she trains as a psychotherapist and begins her Buddhist practice. Again Evelyn invites the reader into her world to continue her journey of self-discovery. Sharing her process so honestly and openly, we learn with her.

In Volume 2 Evelyn shares her spiritual journey that guides her to the holistic  care and psychological skills to bring deep healing to her body and mind. Then she teaches that understanding to others. Like Chiron, the wounded healer, Evelyn uses her spiritual practice to turn the poison of her life into medicine for herself and then for others. This tumultuous but joyful journey clarifies the self-care needed to Calm Dr. Twitch A Lot. The knowledge and wisdom gained evolves into the Holistic Self-Care Program: Nourishing Ourselves, her gift to the world.

Readers in all stages of life will relate to the joys, doubts, and insecurities she experiences. Their minds will be opened by her discoveries that ultimately allow love to heal, even her deepest wounds.

Woven through this process is the increasing radiance of Evelyn's artistry, a reflection of the growing joy in her heart while navigating changes in career, locales, and relationships. The glassworks are metaphors for the inner masterpiece created, reflecting her life’s increasing radiance and joy.


Enjoy the ride!

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